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Response From the Church, part 4 (final)

Well, it finally arrived (only 10 weeks from when I sent in my resignation letter)!  I’m officially an apostate!

Confirmation of my official resignation

The official letter from the LDS Church confirming my resignation as a member

It’s interesting to note that my wife wasn’t included in this letter. I wonder if hers is being sent separately or if they forgot about her? I’ll have to look into that.


Response from the Church, part 3

I received another letter from the Church last night. This time it was from my bishop, who had called me a while back. The letter simply stated that he has forwarded my request on to the Stake President. So, I still have some waiting to do.

I’ll keep you posted.


UPDATE: Response from the Church, part 4

Response from the Church, part 2

Just a quick update to my post yesterday:

I just received a phone call from ‘my’ Bishop (whom I’ve never met). He let me know that he’s received a copy of my resignation letter, which was given to him from the Stake President. He simply wanted to confirm with me that I am aware of the “seriousness” of my decision, and warn me that I will lose all priesthood privileges (for whatever good it’s done me). I confirmed that I’m well aware of the ‘consequences’. He then said he’d send in the forms to Church Headquarters!

The phone call was short and to the point, which I really appreciated. I guess this means that I should expect a final confirmation letter in a few weeks.


Correction: I’ve just been informed that I have met my bishop once before.


UPDATE: Response from the Church, part 3

Response from the Church, part 1

Today I received a response from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church) to my letter of resignation, which I had sent them back over a month ago. Here’s some background…

Last month, I decided to send an official letter of resignation to the LDS Church, requesting that both my name and my wife’s be removed from the records of the Church. As I stated in my essay (read it here in PDF or ePUB format), I no longer wish to be associated with the Church. I had read numerous articles from websites such as and, which have suggestions and templates for writing your own resignation letter. These sites also warned of how the LDS Church has made some go through countless hurdles and obstacles in order to finally get the confirmation of their name removal – some have even been excommunicated after having sent in their resignation!

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