3 Meetings with an LDS General Authority, 2012/2013 ~ Grant H. Palmer

This blog post purports to be written by Grant Palmer, and discloses some rather damning insight into the current General Authorities and their beliefs toward the truthfulness of Mormonism and the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

While this blog post does align with statements made by Grant Palmer at the 2012 ExMormon Foundation Conference, which I attended, I’d be grateful if someone could help to authenticate this post and it’s claims!


The following very interesting memorandum was received on 5th April 2013 from Grant H. Palmer, and  is shared here with his permission.

grant palmer

Grant is a renowned LDS historian, and is author of “An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins”, which is referred to in the following memorandum. Further details of that book may be found here:


Three Meetings with a LDS General Authority, 2012- 2013

Grant H. Palmer


In mid-October 2012, a returned LDS Mission President contacted me to arrange a meeting. Several days later, he called again and said that a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy also wished to attend. He said the General Authority would attend on condition that I not name him or repeat any stories that would identify him. He explained that neither of them, including the GA’s wife, believed the founding claims of the restoration were true. He clarified that they…

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  1. Christopher

    I know this story resonates with some, but it is doubtful on so many levels. As just one, there is no current 70 who factually fits the description in this story–who served in the 70 back when there was just one quorum (look at his explanation for how he knows all this.) The second quorum was created in 1989 and quorums three through 5 in 1995. Of the current first quorum, only Elder Carlos Amado was serving in 1989–he was called the same day the second quorum was organized. Moreover, he is in the area presidency in Central America, which would make the monthly meetings with Grant a bit impractical to say the least. All of the other 70s were called on or after April of 1995, when there were already five quorums. This story seems to be nothing more than a “doubt promoting myth.”

  2. But the GA never says he started when there was only one quorum. He just says the apostles were more intimate with the first quorum before the other 70’s were added. He could easily know that by word of mouth from other older 70’s members with whom he served. I don’t see that as any reason to doubt this account. Grant Palmer has specifically authorized Mormonthink and other sites such as this to post the account. He’s a very credible person, and I don’t think he’s desperate enough to invent some fake story. The church fails on its own, without the need of Palmer creating a “doubt promoting myth.”

  3. Christopher

    Here is the quote: “When I asked the GA how he knew these things, he answered by saying that the Quorum of the Twelve today is more isolated from the Quorums of the Seventies now because there are several of them. When only one Quorum of the Seventy existed, there was more intimacy. During his one on one assignments with an apostle, conversations were more familiar.” In other words, the alleged 70 claimed that the basis of his knowledge was his interaction with the 12 when there was only one quorum.

    I don’t know Grant. He may very well be credible. But credible or not, you would agree that he is not sharing this story in a vacuum. He has a position, and this story, if true, would strengthen that position. But this story can’t be true because the key figure and source of the story can’t exist–unless the 70 was being dishonest about the source of his information. I also disagree with Grant’s evaluation of this made-up 70 as someone with great integrity. If the 70 existed, and if had any integrity, and if these stories were true as he purportedly said in private, then a man with even a drop of integrity would step forward and publicly name names, dates and sources. Grant lost credibility with that assessment.

  4. A Follow-up to the Grant Palmer disclosure, c/o David Twede, plus a fantastic breakdown of the dependability of the various claims made:


  5. So….if Hans Mattson is THE GA or one of them….Big deal….As an Area Authority he is no more than a glorified Stake Prez at best….in that case, who cares about what Mattson thinks or where or to what rag he preaches his rhetoric….if that is all Palmer has…so much for his integrity….
    IF, there is an actual 70 or Q 12/15, for hells sake name a name Palmer……or you have no more integrity than the National Enquirer or The Star…..put up or shut up….spew the info and save mankind…..right now, it is no more than “he said she said” and the best you have right now to come out publicly is a Glorified Swede Stake President that no one knows who in the hell he is nor cares……
    I am not a “Blind Follower” , but if Palmer nor anyone else has any more positive proof than three meetings and a hug from a man of integrity….Palmer and HIS followers is not any better than the Church and Leaders he is trying to save us all from.

    And don’t say that the “Leader” does not want to be outed for fear of retribution from the Big Boys in the Big White Building…sorry, that is no better than “an insider says” on a new Kim Kardashian Hollywood story scam….

    AGAIN! I am a simple man…
    .I question all things inside the Church and out…so Palmer, PUT UP OR SHUT UP and quit wasting our time..
    .Name The Names if they will not profess themselves.

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