The 2011 Brodie Awards!

The 2011 Brodie Award nominations are in, and I’m in two categories! If you have enjoyed reading my blog, you can vote for me in the following two categories:
Best New Blog: Progressive ExMormon
Most Poignant Personal Story: “Life After Death

The third annual Brodie Awards are to highlight excellent work from all over the LDS-interest internet (both critical and apologetic views). The awards are named after Fawn M. Brodie, who authored one of the first comprehensive (and critical) biography on Joseph Smith entitled, “No Man Knows My History”.


Unfortunately, I didn’t win the Brodie Award in either category, but would like to congratulate all those who won. You can click here to see the list of the winners.


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  1. I enjoyed your article very much. Maybe you’ll get an award next time.
    While I am here I want to notify you about “Holy Joe! Prophet, Seer, and Revelator” my most recent novel. (available at, Barnes and and 25,000 distributors nationwide. This 500 page novel recreates the lives of the characters and historic events from 1822 – 1844. Join me as we relive the finding the the stone, the 1826 trial for deception, and the ‘translation’ of the Book of Mormon. The story includes the highlights of history and is written to entertain as well as inform.

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