Response From the Church, part 4 (final)

Well, it finally arrived (only 10 weeks from when I sent in my resignation letter)!  I’m officially an apostate!

Confirmation of my official resignation

The official letter from the LDS Church confirming my resignation as a member

It’s interesting to note that my wife wasn’t included in this letter. I wonder if hers is being sent separately or if they forgot about her? I’ll have to look into that.


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  1. I hate how even though you’re not supposed to be a member at this point, they still insist on calling you “Brother” or “Sister!”


    Your wife was not included because she is a “sub-human”, e.g. a “breeder”. She cannot get into the Celestial Kingdom without you lifting her through the “veil” ~ so why would you be surprised that her name was not included with your letter? Of course they will then say that she has to write a letter on her own behalf and you will start the whole process again. Aren’t the long reaching, suction cup tenacles of Mormonism fun??

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