Response from the Church, part 2

Just a quick update to my post yesterday:

I just received a phone call from ‘my’ Bishop (whom I’ve never met). He let me know that he’s received a copy of my resignation letter, which was given to him from the Stake President. He simply wanted to confirm with me that I am aware of the “seriousness” of my decision, and warn me that I will lose all priesthood privileges (for whatever good it’s done me). I confirmed that I’m well aware of the ‘consequences’. He then said he’d send in the forms to Church Headquarters!

The phone call was short and to the point, which I really appreciated. I guess this means that I should expect a final confirmation letter in a few weeks.


Correction: I’ve just been informed that I have met my bishop once before.


UPDATE: Response from the Church, part 3


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  1. Interesting…they shouldn’t be calling/contacting you, but whatcha gonna do! Next is the final confirmation letter and you’re all done!

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